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2017-11-08 savings jar with growth

Estate Planning for Traditional IRAs

Most people today have an IRA, and sometimes more than one. IRA’s and 401(k)’s and other qualified plan assets have become more popular, taking the place of more traditional pension plans. Whether an employer makes any contributions, or not, people are increasingly aware of their own need to put money aside for retirement into pre-tax […]

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2017-09-06 Corporate Estate Planning

Advantages of Choosing a Corporate Trustee

The benefits of doing a living trust and transferring your assets into the trust during life are many. A primary benefit is that your estate will circumvent the probate process when you pass, if you do things right, saving your loved ones many months of administrative burdens, delays, attorney’s fees and other costs. You also […]

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Trusts Compared to Corporations

The concept of a trust is difficult for many people to grasp because a trust is a concept, and therefore is intangible.  Another intangible concept that is more familiar, and therefore seems easier to understand, is a corporation. Corporations have some similarities to trusts and, therefore, provide a helpful comparison. A quick look at the […]

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FAQs About Probate

One of the most often misunderstand terms in estate planning is “probate” and what it means so we answer the most common FAQs about probate here: WHAT IS PROBATE? The term “probate” refers generally to the process by which the estate of a decedent (person who died) is administrated and distributed to the heirs and/or people named […]

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The Fiduciary Idea

Social pundits have said that kids who grew up in the 1970’s are part of the “me generation”. They are forty and fifty somethings now. Our survival-of-the-fittest world encourages people to “look out for number one”. In that context, the fiduciary idea is counter-cultural.  (more…)

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