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Estate Planning Trend (or the Lack Thereof)

The sign is a clue to what a recent article in the Trusts & Estate section of identifies as a trend away from estate planning and, therefore, toward more probating of estates. (The Shift from Estate Planning to Estate Probating)  In other words, the author believes the national trend indicates a penchant for putting off doing estate planning. The […]

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Estate Planning for Second Marriages

When people are in love, they are not usually preoccupied with death; they are focused on living. Second marriage situations, however, present issues that should be discussed and addressed, especially when there are children from a first marriage. Whether the second marriage follows a divorce or the death of a spouse, careful consideration of estate […]

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The Difference Between Executors & Trustees

People often confuse executors and trustees. Both roles are fundamental to estate planning, but the roles are distinctly different. Understanding the difference between is essential to estate planning.  Simply put, executors are to Wills what trustees are to Trusts. An accurate picture of the difference, however, requires more detail. Most everyone knows that a Will […]

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