Anyone who wants to start a business needs to determine whether to operate as a sole proprietor, corporation or limited liability company (LLC). If two or more people will be involved in the ownership of the business, the choices are, generally, a partnership, corporation or limited liability company. A partnership may be a general partnership or a limited partnership or some variant. We help entrepreneurs determine what kind of business or business form makes the most sense for what they are doing; and we take care of the business formation and ongoing maintenance of the business form that is chosen.

Protect Your Personal Liability

The corporate and LLC forms of business ownership provide the benefit of protecting the owners from the liabilities of the business. The benefits can be lost, however, through lack of understanding, inattention and failure to follow through. A solid foundation of understanding should be laid from the beginning to avoid unecessary exposure to personal liability.

Corporate vs. LLC Form of Business

Most business owners choose the corporate or LLC form of business, and choosing between the corporate or an LLC form of business is an initial determination that must be made. The choice should be discussed with both an attorney and a certified public accountant to get the legal and tax and accounting viewpoints before making that decision.

The Business Formation Process

We handle the process of corporate or LLC formation to make sure that a solid foundation is established. We take time to make sure that business owner clients understand the business formalities and the importance of those formalities. We provide:

  • Counsel & Advice on Business Formation
  • Preparation of the Articles of Incorporation or Articles of LLC Organization
  • Preparation of the Initial Corporate Records & Stock Certificates or Membership Certificates
  • Preparation of the Bylaws or Operating Agreements
  • Shareholders & Directors Meetings and Actions and Other Corporate Maintenance
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements


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