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Client Resources

Client intake sheets and other documents you might need when you first come to our office.

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Family Law

FAQ, articles and other resources that will help to answer some of the specific family law questions you might have.

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Business and Corporate

Corporate Info Sheet, Corporate Plus Program & FAQs.

Corporate Plus Program Description Documents

Flat Fee Collections Program

In an effort to assist you in collecting your outstanding receivables, we are establishing a two-tier flat fee program for small claims collections (those under $10,000). For a flat fee of $100 we will send a letter to the debtor demanding payment of the outstanding amount and we will enter into limited negotiations for the payment of the debt based on the letter.

For a flat fee of $500 we will send a letter to the debtor demanding payment of the outstanding amount, and we will also initiate a civil proceeding on your behalf in an attempt to collect the judgment should the letter not achieve its desired results. The $500 fee includes the sending of a demand letter and the response, the preparation of a complaint, and the initial court appearance. The $500 fee does not cover the filing costs or service fees. Additionally, should the matter proceed to litigation, including trial, you would be responsible for the additional fees incurred at our then current hourly rates. We are also willing to offer discounts on additional collections if the collections are all done at the same time.

These flat fees do not include attempts to collect the judgment as this will be billed separately. Nonetheless we will be willing discuss possible fee arrangements to collect the judgment, including contingency fee arrangements.

Business Tools & Resources

Business Sale & Acquisition

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Estate Planning

FAQs, forms, and articles.

Other Online Resources

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Local Governmental Offices

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State Governmental Offices

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Links to legal research and resource sites as well as to professional organizations to which we belong.

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