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We are not just divorce lawyers, we handle all aspects of Family Law – divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, spousal support (maintenance/alimony), contribution to college expenses, domestic violence orders of protection and everything under the Family Law sun. We also provide related legal services including pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements, estate planning to protect non-marital assets, guardianship for disabled children and adults, adoptions and grandparents’ rights.  We pride ourselves on providing our clients with compassionate, professional, responsive and effective legal service. protecting our clients' interests and striving to meet our clients' needs.

We do not dabble in Family Law; Family Law is our main focus.


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Why Would You Need A Divorce Attorney?

Even though the divorce laws of Illinois have been changed so it's simpler for any incompatible spouses to get a divorce, it's still true that divorces aren't easy, even when parties file for what is known as an ‘uncontested divorce'. There are many facts, situations, and circumstances which might complicate a divorce:

  • If a divorcing couple has kids, then the couple has to either agree which parent will be the primary residential one as well as how frequently the other parent is going to see the kid or the court will just make such determinations on its own;
  • If a divorcing couple attained any property during the course of the marriage, be it a car, a house, or just some DVDs, then they have to figure out how such possessions will be shared fairly or the judge will again make this determination; or
  • Even if a couple has no kids or marital assets, various issues such as spousal support might still necessitate months of litigation.

The complexity and stress of divorce proceedings usually means that you're going to need knowledgeable and experienced legal counsel who can represent you all throughout the divorce proceedings. Trusting an inexperienced legal counsel or choosing to represent yourself can turn out to be a disaster that winds up costing you precious resources and time. The better choice is finding a reputable family law attorney that can help you protect your personal interests and legal rights all during your divorce proceeding.

Finding a Divorce Lawyer in Aurora, Illinois

A lot of folks have misunderstandings and misconceptions about the process of divorce. These can wind up being costly, possibly resulting in waiving important legal rights, irreparable damage to your finances, and even the filing of some criminal charges? For instance, are you aware that:

  • Filing for divorce doesn't mean you are actually ‘divorced' so any marriage you wind up entering before the court officially declares you as divorced could be considered void?
  • Illinois distributes property based on the principles of ‘equity' and ‘fairness', which means a court has to treat both you and your ex-spouse fairly during the division of marital property, although it doesn't have to give each of you an equal share?
  • Parenting time and child custody are awarded based on what's in the actual ‘best interests of the kids' so not necessarily based on who is a better parent or who is more able to provide for the child?

Your divorce lawyers are going to work the best they can with so that everyone understands your desired outcomes and goals for the divorce proceedings. They'll also clarify any misconceptions and misunderstandings you have about the law, but they'll also represent you and your interests aggressively in every stage of your divorce.

What A Family Lawyer Does

Family law centers around domestic relations and family-related issues. The majority of family law practices emphasize representing divorcing clients and handle the issues surrounding divorce, like alimony, child support, child custody, and the division of any marital property. Family lawyers might also draft both pre- and post-nuptial agreements as well as litigate related matters. Some family lawyers even represent perpetrators or victims of domestic violence in any civil protection order proceedings as well as defend clients who are accused of domestic violence in any criminal proceedings. Guardianship and adoption, child abuse, child neglect, and juvenile delinquency are other areas that family law covers.

While there are certain family lawyers that have wound up developing particular specialties, like adoption law, the majority of family lawyers actually have expertise in numerous practice areas. Moreover, many family lawyers need to possess a broad array of legal skills as they might draft and negotiate pleadings, contracts, and a variety of other legal documents; litigate matters that are contested; counsel their clients on any legal options and rights that they have; and attempt to resolve known disputes. They also need to have tremendous interpersonal skills and prove adept in the management of emotionally volatile situations.

For the most part, it's impossible to overstate the importance that family law attorneys have. They can help family members rationally handle disputes that might otherwise get clouded by emotions. Such lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help folks settle their issues as the relate to divorces, prenuptial agreements, child custody, and estate administration, among many other legal issues that impact families. As such, if you're having a legal matter in your family that could use a rational approach, then contact us for a consultation.