Alternative dispute resolution is a viable option to litigation. Mandatory and voluntary arbitration are sometimes required by contract before a party has the right to seek relief in a court of law. Parties can agree to arbitration to resolve their disputes as well. These are alternatives to litigation in court, though they are similar. Arbitration involves one or more arbitrators who act in lieu of judges and make decisions which are either binding (enforceable) or nonbinding (unenforceable), depending on the type of arbitration involved.

How It Works

Mediation is another form of alternate dispute resolution.This mechanism is completely different from litigation or arbitration. In mediation, the parties, themselves, work to resolve their own differences with the help of a third party called a mediator. The mediator facilitates but the parties are the ones who resolve their own differences and settle their own issues, if mediation is successful. Mediation, therefore, requires the cooperation of both parties and a willingness to reach a joint resolution of the differences.

Trained Mediators

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Mediation can be an effective tool for dispute resolution in many different contexts. Mediation is often tried in divorce cases, especially when children are involved, as a way to reach a resolution with the least emotional and adverse impact on the children and the relationship of the parents who must continue to cooperate after the divorce. Mediation also can work in any area of dispute if both parties are willing to put aside the emotions, be objective and work toward an efficient, cost effective and civil resolution of the issues at hand without a long, expensive court battle or the cost of arbitration.

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For resources and more information on mediation, please read our Mediation FAQ's.


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