2018-02-14 Marriage

Marriage Advice from a Divorce Attorney

What can a divorce attorney tell you about having a successful marriage?  They can say a lot actually.  We see all kinds of marriages, including those on the risk of falling apart, those entirely broken and those hanging on by a thread.  Additionally, we draw from our own lives, our own marriages, those marriages of […]

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2018-02-06 Filling out Taxes

Maintenance Tax Deduction Going Away

While many in Illinois flooded to their assessor’s office to prepay their property tax bill due to the reduction of the property tax deduction on their Federal tax returns, the recent tax reform act enacted by Congress and signed by President Trump contains a significant change to family law matters.  Maintenance or alimony payments that […]

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Father Carrying Son

Child Support Liens

Many people may not realize, including some attorneys, that each installment of overdue support owed by a noncustodial parent becomes a lien by operation of law against the real and personal property of the noncustodial parent. That means that these liens “arise” whenever child support becomes past due! This is a kind of super lien […]

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2017-12-28 Pet Divorce

Who Gets the Pet in a Divorce?

Over the last several years, the issue of pets in family law situations has drawn an increase in attention.  First, pets were allowed to be protected under an Order of Protection and possession be granted to one of the parties.  Starting January 1, 2018, the ownership and responsibility of a pet can now be litigated […]

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Illinois Rolls Back LLC Fees

This is the season to be pro-business.  First President Trump and Congress passed significant tax reforms that are intended to help businesses, especially small businesses.  Whether or not this occurs will be seen.  However, one area in which the Illinois Government has reached out to help Illinois businesses is to lower the filing fees associated […]

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2017-12-19 Kids at Christmas

Happy Holidays?

Kids everywhere wait in anxious anticipation for the holidays, in particular, Christmas, because it means endless cookies, get-togethers with family, and most of all – presents!  For the children of the separated or newly divorced parents, however, it also means a certain amount of anxiety over who does what, when, where, and how. As with […]

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2017-11-08 savings jar with growth

Estate Planning for Traditional IRAs

Most people today have an IRA, and sometimes more than one. IRA’s and 401(k)’s and other qualified plan assets have become more popular, taking the place of more traditional pension plans. Whether an employer makes any contributions, or not, people are increasingly aware of their own need to put money aside for retirement into pre-tax […]

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2017-11-03 Law Never Sleeps

The Law Never Sleeps

The law never sleeps.  While I am not sure this is a quotation I can attribute to anyone, in particular, the sentiment is all too true.  Recently the Illinois legislature made even more changes to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act (IMDMA) by the passage of Public Act 100-0520.  These changes follow on the […]

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working man with maintenance money

Review of Maintenance Under New Law

While many blog articles of late have dealt with the new child support statute in Illinois, the modification to the maintenance statute that went into effect on January 1, 2015, is still a topic that generates a lot of discussions.  This is especially true now as many cases decided under the old law are now […]

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