2018-04-11 Doing Research on the Phone

Choosing an Attorney

One of the most common questions that people ask about lawyers is: How do I find the best lawyer? If you need a lawyer, for whatever reason, that is the right question to start your search. Choosing a lawyer should involve as much thought as buying a car. Lawyers are not cheap; people don’t choose […]

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2018-02-14 Marriage

Marriage Advice from a Divorce Attorney

What can a divorce attorney tell you about having a successful marriage?  They can say a lot actually.  We see all kinds of marriages, including those on the risk of falling apart, those entirely broken and those hanging on by a thread.  Additionally, we draw from our own lives, our own marriages, those marriages of […]

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2018-02-06 Filling out Taxes

Maintenance Tax Deduction Going Away

While many in Illinois flooded to their assessor’s office to prepay their property tax bill due to the reduction of the property tax deduction on their Federal tax returns, the recent tax reform act enacted by Congress and signed by President Trump contains a significant change to family law matters.  Maintenance or alimony payments that […]

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Father Carrying Son

Child Support Liens

Many people may not realize, including some attorneys, that each installment of overdue support owed by a noncustodial parent becomes a lien by operation of law against the real and personal property of the noncustodial parent. That means that these liens “arise” whenever child support becomes past due! This is a kind of super lien […]

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