What Clients say about Kevin Drendel:

  • “Kevin developed estate planning instruments for us, and what we appreciated most about him is his ability to clearly translate what the dense legal language means, and what its implications are to real life. He was also very attentive to any concerns we had about how things were structured even though we weren't necessarily able to articulate them well, and then pro-active in coming up with solutions, vs. just relying on boiler-plate templates. His style is very collaborative and supportive, and we were never afraid to ask questions, no matter how basic.” – JM & EV, Estate Planning Clients
  • We have used Kevin to review and update our estate planning documents.  His consultation was thorough, and the work was completed in a timely manner.  We would recommend him to anyone who needs the expertise of an estate planning attorney.” – Carol, a Long Term Care Specialist & Estate Planning Client
  • “I used Kevin for legal services relating to a complicated real estate transaction, and for the development of a last will and testament. In both instances, Kevin was very knowledgeable, willing to listen to ideas, offer advice, and provide timely and efficient service. Once a course of action was decided upon, Kevin and his team of legal professionals saw the implementation of the necessary actions through to completion” – Anonymous Real Estate/Estate Planning Client
  • “I've worked with Kevin from both a business and a personal perspective and he has always demonstrated thorough knowledge, provided sound advice, and exhibited the highest ethical standards. I have recommended him to both family and friends.” – Rob, Business/Corporate Client
  • “Kevin Drendel and his law firm have literally been with me since my first day in business as Cooper Hong Inc. Kevin helped us navigate through the incorporation process and through the annual meeting and reporting procedures required by the state. At every point as I have taken new steps in my business, I have sought Kevin's input, and he has always been timely, professional and thorough in his responses. More than that, he provided wise and careful counsel that helped see me through a challenging personal lawsuit, helped our company negotiate a contractual agreement that protected our interests with a major client, and assisted us in developing our first employee handbook.
  • I feel extremely fortunate to have happened upon Kevin and his firm when I first started looking for an attorney, and I would recommend Drendel & Jansons to anyone seeking a reliable, hard-working law firm for their business.” – Jane, Business/Corporate Client
  • “Kevin is an honest and reasonable resource for your legal needs. I have recommended him to many people.” Jeff, Business/Corporate Client
  • “Kevin was perceptive, quick and efficient with my breach of contract issue. He explained the alternatives and the possible outcomes of each. It was decided to pursue a lawsuit, which Kevin efficiently drafted, reviewed with me, and filed with the court. This resulted in an out-of-court settlement being reached within days of the filing. Kevin also handled the drafting of the settlement agreement. Performance is what counts in a court case, and Kevin Drendel performed like a Champ!” Small Business Owner Client
  • “I found Kevin G. Drendel readily accessible and easy to work with. His communication skills are very good and he poses questions to the client so as to better understand the needs of the client. His work habits appear to be very methodical and thorough. Additionally, although he maintains a very professional relationship with his clients, he is successful at putting the client at ease.” Estate Planning Client
  • “We have been very pleased with the work Kevin has done in developing our trust which included “special needs”  accommodations…. His insight and research in this area was very helpful in making our plans for the future. We have also appreciated his easy accessibility when dealing with legal matters of a general nature. We also have appreciated our dealings with Kevin's father, Gilbert X. Drendel, attorney now semi-retired in the same firm.” Estate Planning Clients
  • “Kevin Drendel is an excellent village attorney for the Village of North Aurora. He is thorough, knowledgeable and steadfast. I enjoyed working with him; knowing that I would get the right answer to my question. As an attorney, he represents his clients with exceptional service and loyalty.” – Municipal Client Representative
  • “I have known Kevin for fifteen years and can attest to his work ethic, knowledge and professional approach to his clients and issues. I have also had numerous opportunities to socialize with Kevin and regard him as a trusted friend and committed husband and farther.” – Municipal Client Representative
  • “Kevin is very thorough person. Works hard to make sure everything is in place before making a decision. I would recommend Kevin for any issue.” – Municipal Client Representative
  • “Kevin has continued to provide expert municipal legal advice and is very responsive. His good work is validated by the fact that we continually contract with him and his firm for our legal needs.” – Municipal Client Representative

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What Clients say about Carolyn D. Jansons:

  • “Carolyn has been my lawyer for more than 5 years. She has helped me complete my parenting agreement, divorce, child support and maintenance issues, and change of custody petitions. She defended my rights as a father and represented me well in court. Even through difficult times, she provided level-headed advice that achieved the desired results in my case.” Family Law Client
  • “Our case was very complex and required a lot of legal knowledge and the ability to analyze large amounts of financial data from many different sources.  Carolyn handled this case from start to finish and brought it to a successful conclusion.  We would user her again without hesitation and highly recommend her.” Family Law Client
  • “Atty. Jansons has excellent court room presence.  She is well versed in the area of Family Law. The case was handled in a very professional manner to my satisfaction.” Family Law Client
  • “I have hired Carolyn for legal work on multiple occasions. She has always been professional, timely, and results-oriented with her work. I would highly recommend her and the Drendel & Jansons Law Group to other small business professionals.” John, Business & Personal Client
  • “Carolyn has done some corporate work for us.  She was professional, prompt and fun to work with.  I do not hesitate to recommend Carolyn to my clients who need corporate work done, and I know she will take care of them as well as she took care of me.” Sharon, Corporate Client
  • “Carolyn and I have had the opportunity to work together in a number of different areas of business…. Carolyn and her firm take excellent care of Helping Hand PC Services & Networking, Inc. with any legal matters, from incorporation and corporate minutes, business planning down to collections services. The staff members are organized and attentive to detail.  As the business owner I need to have faith that we are being guided with legal information that will protect our company. They have exceeded my expectations on every level of service…. I highly recommend Carolyn and the staff members at Drendel & Drendel for all your legal issues! Dave, Business Client
  • “I have used Carolyn for all my corporation legalities from corporate records to employee handbooks. She is always professional and completes everything in a timely and extremely professional matter.” – Joe, Business Client

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What Clients say about Mark D. Brent:

  • “I met with many lawyers before I chose Mark and upon meeting him I knew he was the one. He is very professional and extremely determined. He went above and beyond to fulfill my needs. Anytime I had a question or worry he was a phone call away. His quick response and drive to get me what I wanted showed in our conversations as well as in the court room. I felt very comfortable with my legal matters in his hands and as a result I got exactly what I wanted out of my case. I could not be happier and would recommend him to anyone who wants a winning case!” – J.M., Family Law Client
  • “While pride myself at being professional, going through something as this has tested my true resolve at times because of its personal and emotional closeness. Your experience and nature of guiding me through the complexities of a divorce are very much appreciated. I remember something you said at the beginning of the process which was “my job is to prepare you for your future”. That you have done, gentle at times and with sternness and conviction at others. Job well done. Trusting you to represent me and your experience and honesty together have prepared me well for my future. I have a future. Thank you.” – D.R., Family Law Client

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What Client say about Roman J. Seckel:

  • “Roman provided his attorney services to me with the utmost professionalism in a very time sensitive eviction case. He kept me informed every step of the way and we communicated flawlessly to ensure the case went just as planned. As a landlord, this is exactly what I needed. I would and likely will hire Roman Seckel again for any legal work I need done in the future.” Landlord Client
  • “Roman, I wish there were words stronger than thank you. I had been living in a nightmare for many years. I knew I only had one shot at having this divorce go through with peaceful success. After talking to several law firms and attorneys, I was losing hope fast that it would ever happen. I am incredibly grateful that I found your firm. Your patience, understanding and warm demeanor helped make what seemed impossible a successful reality. For this, I am extremely grateful more than words can express.”  Family Law Client

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What Clients say about Lawrence W. Lobb:

  • Not knowing the process and what to expect. I was pleased with Lawrence's knowledge and personal approach to me and my legal matters. There was never a moment I felt rushed as I asked many questions. He took his time to explain to me in detail and made my comfort level very high.” – Anonymous, Ch. 7 Bankruptcy client
  • “We were facing unknown legal territory and after making multiple calls to multiple attorneys, I came across Larry on the internet. He responded within minutes of my initial email and was incredibly accommodating in scheduling our appointments around our hectic schedule.
  • Larry was patient with his explanations and helped my husband and myself become informed consumers. More importantly he helps regain control of our own daily lives. There was never a time when we had a question that Larry did not take the time to give us good information in the form of a rapid response. He was always reassuring and helpful and as we went through the legal process he prepared us for anything that could come up along the way.
  • As we move forward, should the need arise for an attorney for any reason, Larry will be our first choice!” – Molly, Ch. 7 Bankruptcy client
  • “Through dark days Mr. Lobb was a lifeline in very rough waters. He provided a calming effect, expert counsel and allowed us our dignity at a time when we ourselves questioned our own capabilities to emerge from these difficult times. A first rate individual, a first rate Attorney.” – Mike, Ch. 7 Bankruptcy client
  • “I can't say enough good things about Lawrence Lobb. He is so easy to talk to…….doesn't look down his nose at you, treat you gruffly, or act like he's too busy or important to answer ALL your questions, AND he is very, very knowledgeable. I can't picture him getting on the bad side of anyone……he is a really personable, professional guy who knows the law and more. He took my worries away during a difficult time. His expectations were “on target” and encouraging about what he thought would be the outcome.” – Sharon, Collection Defense client
  • “Larry was terrific in a very stressful and terrifying situation. He showed compassion, understanding and really worked for us. I would recommend him over any other lawyer that I have worked with in the past.” – Mary, Foreclosure Defense client
  • “Larry provided me with an effective process through chapter 7 bankruptcy through his knowledge, and communication of the process. With that knowledge I was able to go through the chapter 7 process successfully.” – Anonymous, Ch. 7 Bankruptcy client
  • “My finance and I were faced with a difficult Landlord issue and contacted Mr. Lobb for guidance and information. With his knowledge on the topic, he fully explained our options and best ways to approach the situation. We choose to have Mr. Lobb contact the Landlord on our behalf. He was professional, considerate of the situation, and kept us updated with our options and next steps. We would recommend Mr. Lobb without any hesitation. He is sure to get the job done and educate you about your rights along the way.” – Andrea, Landlord/Tenant client

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